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My name is Arvind, I'm an indiehacker and maker of this app I've been working way too hard on my side projects and few of them actually worked. While building the projects, I realized that if I could get some support from the community, I can bring many more ideas to life and earn some money.

I lacked business knowledge and because of that I was not able to generate enough revenue from my side projects/startups and ended up selling them to someone who has near to no knowledge of coding, and we both messed the product. I thought if someone could help me with the sales and I can work full time developing the product. This is the main reason I developed SideInvest.

Here you can find people who are interested in buying your business or invest in your business and provide you proper guidance, and in return, you can offer some equity of the business.

I hope you will find potential buyers and investors for your next business.


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