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Find Side Projects To Buy and Invest In is a platform where you can find side projects for sale and also the sideprojects to invest in

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It's always hard to start a business from scratch, why not acquire one?

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Help someone financially so that they can complete their side project, in return own some stake.

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For Buyers/Investors


Discover potential projects

We manually verify and collect information about the projects so that you can find the best projects for you.


Connect directly to the founders

You are just one click away from connecting with the founders of the project.


Shortlist projects to watch them

Not ready to buy/invest in a project? Just add them to your favorite list and keep track of them.

For Sellers


We keep the community spam free

We try to maintain the community spam-free. If someone found to be spamming in messages or in any way will directly blocked.


Posting a project is free of charge

This community is only paid for buyers/investors, so you don't have to pay any fee to post a project.


Add badge to your website

We offer a badge to your website to help you attract more potential buyers/investors from your website.

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